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3 Tips to show Your kid the way to Read

By: Children Learning Reading

Learning to scan at a young age is very important for the event of the kid. It helps them develop a higher perceive of their surroundings, permits them to collect info from written materials, and provides them with an exquisite supply of diversion once they scan stories and rhymes. kids develop at totally different rates, and a few kids can develop reading skills faster than different children; but, what is vital is that because the parent, you're keenly conscious of your child's maturity and reading level to supply them with acceptable books and activities to assist them improve.

As parents, you're the foremost vital teacher for your kids. you may introduce your kid to books and reading. Below we've some tips to assist you teach your kid to scan.

Teach Your kid the way to scan Tip #1

Teach your kid alphabet letters and sounds at an equivalent time. Studies have shown that kids learn best once they area unit tutored the letter names and letter sounds at an equivalent time. In one study, fifty eight educational institution kids were haphazardly assigned  to receive directions in letter names and sounds, letter sound solely, or numbers (control group). The results of this study area unit according to past analysis ends up in that it found kids receiving letter name and sound instruction were possibly to be told the sounds of letters whose names enclosed cues to their sounds. [1]

When teaching your kid the letter sounds, have them slowly trace the letter, whereas speech communication the sound of the letter at an equivalent time. as an example, if you were teaching your kid the letter "A", you'd say:

"The letter A makes the /A/ (ah) sound."

Then have your kid say the /A/ sound whereas tracing the letter along with his or her index.

Teaching a toddler the way to scan Tip #2

When teaching your kid to scan, continually emphasize with them that the correct reading order ought to be from left to right, and high to bottom. To adults, this could appear therefore basic that anyone ought to comprehend it. However, our youngsters aren't born with the data that written text ought to be scan from left to right and high to bottom, and this is often why you will generally see kids scaning from right to left instead - as a result of they were ne'er expressly tutored to read from left to right. once teaching your kid the way to scan, continually emphasize now with them.

Teach Your kid the way to scan Tip #3

Teach final consonant blends initial. Teaching words such "at" and "and" will lead your kid on to learning words that rhyme with these. as an example, for "at", you'll have:









For "and", you'll have these assonant words:









and so on...

You can begin teaching blends once your kid has learned the sounds of some consonants and short vowel sounds. you do not ought to wait till your kid has perfect the sounds of all the letters before teaching blends.

Learning to scan could be a long method, however it does not need to be a troublesome method. countermined into intuitive and logical steps, a toddler as young as 2 years recent will learn to scan, and older kids will accomplish even additional.

Click here to for an easy, bit-by-bit program which will facilitate your kid learn to scan, and watch a video of a a pair of year recent kid reading.

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