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Development of Islamic Insurance Indonesia

According to a survey of Karim Business Consulting (KBC), the potential of Islamic insurance market in Indonesia, at least can be classified into three groups of potential, namely:
1. Users who want the Islamic financial products for its insurance transactions actually have Islamic orientation. The number of such users is not too large, given the awareness of insurance products worth sharia still not significant.
2. Users of Islamic financial products that make the shift (switching) from the conventional insurance model. They want profit and benefit more than the value of sharia. The numbers are very dominant and generally come from middle-class.
3. Users of Islamic financial products that have been loyal to conventional insurance products and difficult to move to other models because it feels comfortable and confident. The only cause they make the shift is because the quality of Islamic insurance model is considered equal to or better than conventional models that had been their preference.
Therefore, both the company and its customers, the concept of sharia-based insurance company has to offer and demand by its customers rather than solely on the Islamic-oriented its course, but also consider the business strategy and profit.
Insurance in Islamic literature more nuanced shades of economic or social rather than profit oriented (business profits). This is due to the aspect of helping a primary basis in upholding the practice of insurance in Islam. So when the concept of Islamic insurance is packaged within an organization to profit-oriented company, will result in a merger of two different visions, the vision of the social (social oriented) should be the main foundation and economic vision that became the foundation periphery.
Furthermore Hasanuddin in Gemala (2004) says that,
"The main foundation in building the institutions of Islamic economics in the real level, a sort of banking and insurance is the fulfillment of values; prohibition of usury and bank interest rates, prioritize and promote trade and sale, justice, solidarity and mutual help, and encourage each other to improve performance. Several key principles must exist in an Islamic financial institutions, particularly the principle of usury-free. Thus an Islamic financial institution has not said when in reality still wear flowers as stepping operational instruments "
As said before, that now there are about 30 more Islamic insurance company in Indonesia, where the Islamic insurance industry consists of a pure Islamic insurance company and the whole offer products syar'i and conventional companies that founded the division of sharia or Islamic product offering. Asuransi Takaful Indonesia, as one insurance company who is genuinely stands as the insurer that applies the principles of sharia in the operational systems and management of funds, now compete with conventional insurance companies that offer similar products and services. Like for example Asuransi Allianz Life Indonesia, which has been offering Islamic insurance products but is on a roof with conventional insurance products they have. Indonesia was the first country in which Allianz Asia began to create and offer products of his sharia. This is very interesting, given the conventional insurance company Allianz is a leading in some countries in the world.
Based on this reality will require a study and research on the suitability of the concept of Islamic insurance to practice in both these types of Islamic insurance company, Takaful insurance is a pure Islamic insurance company and insurance company Allianz Life Indonesia as conventional insurance with Islamic products therein.
Based on the above description, the author wants to examine and analyze the extent to which Islamic concepts are actually implemented in the real level, and compare this to the two types of insurance companies who have different backgrounds, through a study entitled

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Development of Islamic Insurance Indonesia

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Dell Inspiron N4410 Can Switch Cover Anytime

JAKARTA - Dell launched "Dell's New Inspiron N4110. Latest product from PC vendors from the United States that this time not only technology but also put forward currency display beauty embodied in the creation SWITCH specially designed by Dell Design Studio.

SWITCH is an innovative creation that enable 'New Dell Inspiron N4110' flit the cover full of colors and styles.

Dell provides 25 kinds of cover that can be used to enhance your appearance. Especially for the Indonesian market Dell provides five options cover of 'Lovers In the Morning', 'dazzling Dream', 'Electric Sky', 'Large Pink Dots', and 'I'm Not Really a Waitress'.

"New Inspiron 14R is a products 'life style'," said Andreas Diantoro, Managing Director, Dell Asia. In addition to a sweet pattern, like the previous Dell notebook product line, Dell's New Inspiron N4110 is also equipped with latest technology nan qualified.

The proof can be seen in the use of second-generation processor Inter i3 and i5, 6-cell batery can last for 13 hours, and SRS Premium Audio technology.

Not only that, to support the function of entertainment, New Dell Inspiron N4110 is equipped with a 3D blue-ray blu-ray drive option, HD capable webcam, Chiclet style keyboard, integrated software Dell Stage, and Genuine Windows ® 7 Professional Home Premium.

New Dell Inspiron N4110 is available in Indonesia market with a price of 690 U.S. dollars, or approximately IDR 5.9 million.

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Internet Safe For Children

The older the world is more and more challenges that we face. One is the sophistication of information technology. Can not be denied that information technology is helping us in various ways, for example in communication and send or receive information quickly.

One of the information technology trend today is the Internet. Reliability in sending or providing information quickly, easily and inexpensively be one of the main facilities of interest to the public.

Not only that, many who use the Internet only to find the entertainment only. For example to download various games, songs, pictures and even sport schedule. In addition, the Internet offers an online gaming facilities so that we can play the same games even with people who are in a place very far away.

Internet is also very useful in education. The teachers and students can easily collect or access various sources to complement or supplement their knowledge.

At our school, the Jakarta Islamic School, the Internet becomes the daily needs in learning. The teachers often require students to submit their assignments via the Internet. Besides, we also train children to use the right keywords to search various information on the search engine on the internet. This is actually one way to prevent students accessing the wrong source. With this technology we can also learn a little more development of the students association because we have a community that connects people in cyberspace. Where, teachers, students and even parents can be involved in this community. This facility can be found on websites such as multiply, friendster, facebook and others. Here we can communicate and exchange ideas easily, quickly and cheaply.

Because the extent of access that can be done on the Internet or this virtual world, it should be the parents or the perpetrator of education must remain vigilant and cautious in using it. We can not deny that in addition to useful information, our children can also access information on waste which is close to pornography, fraud, and others through the Internet.

However, to prevent our children not to use this technology is something that is impossible because he has become one of the world's information needs in education at present. Below we give some tips for the Internet safe for children.
First, if there has internet facilities at home, leave your computer in the living room. With so either you or other family members could see the activity of Internet use by your children.

Second, if your child had to go to internet cafe to access the Internet, make sure what information would the child you are looking for, ask for evidence such assignment letter from concerned teachers, textbooks and related surfing results that have been done. Somewhat troublesome indeed, but here's one way we can do to supervise children without blocking them to learn.

Third, take a little time to access the Internet with the children. Usually children more familiar with new technology from us. So that we can learn from them and know how far their skills in using the Internet. Through this way we can while giving direction to the children not to abuse the use of the Internet either by the presence of a parent or not. Education creed in this respect is also very important because denganya we can teach responsible Internet use. Not only to us as parents but also to ourselves and Allah SWT

Fourth, if your child is more likely to access the Internet through mobile phones, try to check the web history that your children visit regularly. Of course, without the knowledge of your child. If you find a website that 'weird', do not immediately panic and scold the child but first investigate the extent to which he knew about the website and give advice and moral support to prevent your child visit the same website.
Fourth hopefully the above tips can help you supervise the child in using the Internet. Good luck.

Wallahualam bishowab.

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Internet Safe For Children


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