Saturday, June 18, 2011

Minister of religion: It should be revived Quran Reading Culture After Maghrib Prayer

Palangkaraya - Minister of Religious Affairs (Menag) Suryadharma Ali said, reading the Quran Maghrib culture among the public needs to be revived, because the current practice of Muslims is already declining.

"The habit of reading the Quran Maghrib already lost in the community, especially to teenagers. If the first is usually the parents always told his son to read the Quran after maghrib practice their religion," he said in Palangkaraya, on Saturday.
He said it had launched "Read Quran Maghrib Movement", with outreach to the community to re-implement that culture.

According to him, through the Joy of Reading the Qur'an every maghrib children were asked to chant and listen to the Quran and its contents. The move is believed to be able to create a generation of caring, respect honor, high-toned character as the values ??taught in the Koran.

"We have children or teenagers is growing in the midst of globalization and liberalization are pouring into and influence the thinking of the younger generation through a variety of directions. Therefore one way to sift through the negative culture of reading the Quran," he said .

He considered, by continuing to improve and teach the values ??of the Qur'an is expected to be able to be one antidote to the entry of some understanding as opposed to the values ??and religious and social norms.

Many of the younger generation tends to want to succeed in brief without appreciating the process, so that there is a generation that lacks the mental toughness as expected. "So the Koran-based education should be further developed and supported by all relevant office holders," he said.

Some time earlier, the Ministry of Religious Affairs Head of Regional Office of Central Kalimantan H Anshyari revealed, had to apply and intensify the national movement of people "Joy of Reading the Qur'an", announced by the Minister of Religious Affairs Ali Suryadarma some time ago.

"We have issued a circular application of the" Joy of Reading the Qur'an "given to the Office of the Ministry of religion district / city in early February, to support these activities, because it is a very positive thing," he explained.

He explained that the movement is very strategic to revive the tradition of reading the Qur'an has ever done, especially in villages, in the midst of changing times and that seemed to drown the culture of reading the Qur'an.

Source : republika

Minister of religion: It should be revived Quran Reading Culture After Maghrib Prayer

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