Thursday, April 7, 2011

Want to Be the Perfect Father? This is a trick

JAKARTA - Any father would want to build a distinctive image in the eyes of a child. Some still have an attractive range with his child. Perhaps, in order to maintain authority.

How to be a perfect father? The following tips:

* Help your child get up. Regardless of age, children still baby which you want to continue to protect. Sometimes, bad things can happen to them without your block. When that happens, help them to rise. Avoid judgmental. Stay away from the phrase, "Right, right, says dad!" Instead, prepare you for her lean shoulders, crying off sadness.
* Prioritize needs. Once you become a parent, get rid of personal egos. Now, everything about the child. A good father would put the needs of children as a priority.

* Provide them with affection. In younger children, the words of affection will not feel his impression. Show your feelings by enjoying time with her, hold her, play, or just there at his side.

* Spend some special time to interact with children. Children do not need expensive gifts or money nan. They want to fill the time with a quality relationship with his father.

* Enjoy your life. When you are happy, joy will be visible imprint on your behavior and it's fun for kids. So, do not forget to set aside time for yourself.

* Balance cheerfulness with regulations. This will help children learn how to behave properly.

* Try to apply flexible. Sometimes, work and other commitments to make life a lame side. Family life is a bit neglected because of it. How busy you are, make sure the child knows his father will be there with him when he needed it.


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Want to Be the Perfect Father? This is a trick

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