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Why Asian Nations lose Creative compared with the Western Nations?

Prof. Ng Aik Kwang from the University of Queensland, in his book "Why Asians Are Less Creative Than Westerners" (2001) that are considered controversial, but turned out to be a "best seller". ( suggested a few things about the peoples of Asia that has opened eyes and minds of many people:

1. For most Asian people, In Their culture, measure of success in life is the amount of material that is owned (house, car, money and other property). Passion (love thdp something) is less appreciated. As a result, less popular areas of creativity, by profession a doctor, lawyer, and the like are considered to be faster to have made a lot of wealth.

2. For Asian people, The number of property Owned by more appreciated than HOW Such acquire property. No wonder if more people liked the stories, novels, soap operas or movies on the theme of poor people suddenly became rich because of luck finding the treasure, or a wife by the prince and the rest of it. Not surprisingly, when corrupt behavior was tolerated / accepted as something natural.

3. For Asian people, identical with the rote-based education "answer key" rather than on understanding. National exam, college entrance tests, etc. all based on memorization. Up to degree level, students must memorize formulas exact science and other arithmetical not directed to understand when and how to use the formula formula.

4. Because the rote-based, students at schools in Asia crammed as much as possible lessons. They are trained to be "Jack of all trades, but master of none" (know a little bit about many things but did not control anything).

5. Because the rote-based, many Asian students could be Olympic champion in Physics, and Mathematics. But hardly ever Asian to win Nobel org or other distinguished international prize-based innovation and creativity.

6. Asians fear one (analogous) and fear of losing. Due to its exploratory nature as efforts to satisfy curiosity and courage to take risks underappreciated.

7. For most Asian nations, said it means stupid, so curiosity has no place in the education process in schools

8. For fear of fear of being wrong and stupid, at school or in seminars or workshops, participants often want to ask but ended the session timeout participants gathered around the teacher / resource person to ask for additional explanation.

Aik Kwang Prof.Ng in his book offers some solutions as follows:

1. Appreciate the process. Appreciate people for his service not because of his wealth. Useless proud pilgrimage or building mosques or schools but the money from the proceeds of corruption.

2. Stop the answer key-based education. Let the students understand the field he likes best.

3. Do not jejali students with a lot of memorization, especially mathematics. For what the calculator was created if the answer to X x Y have to memorize? Let the students choose subjects a little but really mastered

4. Let your child choose a profession based on the Passion (love) him on the field, rather than forcing him to take a particular field or profession who make money faster

5. Primary creativity is curiosity dare to take risks. PLEASE ASK!

6. The teacher is a facilitator, not a god who must know everything. Let's admit with pride that WE DO NOT KNOW!

7. Passion of man is God's gift .. as parents we are responsible for directing our children to find passionnya and support it.

Hopefully by then, we can have children and grandchildren who are creative, innovative but also have integrity and high ideals without corruption

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Why Asian Nations lose Creative compared with the Western Nations?

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